CSGo Package

Overview The CSGo package is an R client for accessing Steam’s REST API specifically for the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Game (CS Go) data. Check out the Steam documentation website and the Package Page for more information. Installation To get the current released version from CRAN: install.packages("CSGo") To get the current development version from GitHub: # install.packages("devtools") devtools::install_github("adsoncostanzifilho/CSGo") Example The first step to use the CSGo package is to have your own credentials (API key) to pull the CSGo data from the Steam API.

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Text Mining Tool

Overview Text Mining Tool is an interface developed in R using mainly the shiny, tidytext and rtweet packages. The idea of this interface is to allow to you make your own text analysis using live Twitter data. The tool is online on shinyapps’ repository at the address How does this interface work? The interface is divided into 5 tabs presented in the menu on the left: Home , Search , Word Cloud , Sentiment Analysis and, Topic Modeling .

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Overview SoothsayeR is an interface based on the old prank called ‘Peter answers’.. The game’s idea is to play with your friends making questions that you know the answer, and make them believe that R is who is answering… The app demonstrates how easy it is to integrate Shiny with Javascript through the shinyjs library. The tool is online on shinyapps’ repository at the address

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