Adson Costanzi Filho

Senior Data Scientist at Evalueserve

I am a statistician majored at UFRGS and currently I am working as a Data Scientist at Evalueserve, Chile.I really love everything related to the data world, indeed I spend a good part of my free time reading the news about it. I am also lucky to have near me a lot of other crazy guys who enjoy discussing with me about data science, statistics, and R. (It makes everything even more fun!)

Sure I am not only made of statistics and data science, I also love to get out to drink some beers with my wife and friends, play my acoustic guitar, play football, drink some beers (wait a minute.. I think I already mentioned that.. ­čŹ║)

Feel free to get in touch with me over social media, I always willing to discuss statistics, data science and R!

About this Page

I created this page as a repository of some of my ideas and projects related to statistics, data science, and, of course, R!

I hope you find some things useful here..